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P.K.R. Jain (PG) College of education, Ambala City is an ambitious venture into the field of teacher education and is a unique institution where global academic standards are embedded in the Indian academic context. The well established infrastructure, the fresh perspective of the faculty that probes the possibility of more balanced, technologically superior nation builders, the academic focus on personal competencies and an innovative student-driven approach, together make it a one-of-its-kind educational hub.

“Kam Khao, Gum Khao, Nam Jao” Keeping the mission statement of the lofty apex body P.K.R. Jain Girls High School management committee in mind, college leaves no stone unturned to hone the talents of its pupil-teachers.

The college of education is an endeavor initiated by the philanthropic Jain Society to steer the modern youth into the right direction.

The harbingers of this institution believe in the spirit of man-a spirit that believe that all human beings are miserable because of their ignorance and that everyone can be happy by acquiring proper knowledge.|

“Wealth in itself, is nothing if it is not related to human welfare to the betterment of man”

Pujya Kanshi Ramji Maharaj

“An Indomitable Spirit”

“Until we extend our circle of compassion to include every living creation, we cannot enjoy world peace.”

India is a land of pure souls and one of the purest souls of 19th – 20th century was our revered Guru Pujya Kanshi Ramji Maharaj. Pujya Ji  picked up cudgels on behalf of the downtrodden of the society and dedicated his life for the upliftment of women by empowering them with education while propagating the universal truths upheld by lord Mahavira, He emphasized that education is the enlightenment of one’s soul. It was the vision of Pujya Maharajaji to see India as an economically resurgent country. His view of education was not narrow or sectarian.

Rather, Pujyaji envisaged P.K.R. Jain as an institution of learning which would transcend all linguistic, racial and attitudinal barriers and create citizens of national character in letter and spirit.

To prepare teachers who :

  1. Are willingly dedicated to the cause of nation building.
  2. Are able to motivate students to be strong in terms of values and flexible in terms of absorbing new technology.
  3. Are passionate about teaching as a tradition and reviving it as an art.