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Just 5 km from the main bus stand of Ambala City, the lush green and spacious campus of P.K.R. Jain (PG) College of education is a soothing and environmental-friendly architectural wonder. Build on the age-old principle of providing peaceful environment for wholesome individual development, this ultra modern building with eco-friendly character caters to the students' needs of absorbing deep knowledge and widening their vision to become prospective nation-builders. The ambience encourages one and all to become totally dedicated to the noble cause of rebuilding education system for the inculcation of a spirit of spreading wings while strengthening roots.
The P.K.R. Jain Managing Committee believes in selecting the best, retaining the best and awarding the best, This policy has resulted in an eclectic mix of faculty members whose selection and approval is as per recommendations of the properly constituted selection committee of Kurukshetra University. Every subject expert of B.Ed. goes out of their way in honing the skills of their pupil-teachers while every faculty member of M.Ed. provides fine tuned training to their M.Ed. students to become research oriented.

The faculty is well-versed with the latest educational scenario and strives towards inculcating theoretical knowledge with practical thinking and orientations.
Administrative Block
At the main entrance of the building, administrative block is located. The Principalís office, Professor's Room, Reader's Room, Management Room Reception and Visitorsí gallery, Staff Room, Conference Room, Office, Pantry are housed in this part of the building.
Academic Facilities
Language Laboratory
Importance of language laboratory is gaining importance steadily to the extent that even the government is taking a keen interest in its usage with increasing frequency. Not only to encourage speaking practice, motivate the students and manage students attention, the pupil-teachers of P.K.R. Jain (PG) College of Education are taught to integrate differential teaching, simplify student evaluation and centralize teaching resources. It is mandatory for every pupil-teacher to attend the Language Laboratory classes. The system allows teachers to monitor control, deliver, group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content.
Science Laboratory
There is a nation wide concern to increase studentís interest in Maths and Science and the government is leaving no stone unturned to encourage its study. In P.K.R. Jain College too, lot of stress is laid on the usage of science laboratory to prepare effective lesson plan of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

A number of models, charts, apparatus and exhibits all prepared by pupil-teachers, are on display here and the students are encouraged to maximize its use.
Education Technology and Micro Teaching Laboratory
Digital revolution has sweepet and changed the whole educational scenario and this has stressed the academicians and students alike. To make the future teachers well-versed with the latest technology taking education by storm, P.K.R. Jain College of Education has developed a state of the art education technology laboratory. It has been housed with LCD projector, slides, transparencies, television set, DVD player Slides Projector, Green Board and Raw Material for preparing fresh slides, transparencies with computer. Various teaching skills are honed to perfection in this division and technology-savvy teachers are the result.
Computer Laboratory
A well-equipped computer lab with 30 computers attached to a server is the hub of dynamic activity and fine tunes the nuances of teaching learning. Ample provision has been made for language learning through computer and magnetic device, educational CDís, audio cassettes tape recorder and microphone.
Class Rooms
Spacious and well-ventilated class rooms for B.Ed. and M.Ed. are the hallmark of the college. Comfortable furniture, lecture stand and glass boards in every class rooms having an area of 525 sq-ft. make them a thriving and happening area of learning .
Psychology Laboratory
A well stocked psychology lab rich with psychological test by renowned names to examine aptitude, mental level, Intelligence quotient, achievement, stress, creativity et al is one of the favourite haunt of students teachers alike. Being a research oriented institution these tests and other testing equipments provided in the laboratory helps our future teachers immensely.
A well stocked and computerized library is the heart of P.K.R. Jain (PG) College of Education. Amply spaced out over an area of about 2000 Sq. Ft., air-conditioned, neat & clean well placed shelves stocked with books easily accessible to students and bar-coding system make it the students favorite place to pore over knowledge. Not only text looks by world renowned authors, general books of education and spiritual treasure is to be found here but also a number of reference looks, encyclopedia, magazine and journals find a pride of place here. Students can be seen referring books and journals and going though newspaper-national as well as regional at any given time of the working hours.
Real ĖTeaching Practice
PKR Jain (PG) College of Education lays stress on developing skills in teaching in its pupil teachers and grooms them during micro teaching efforts are made to develop Questioning skill, Introducing the lesson, illustrations with examples skills et al during these days.

To embed these skills further the mega teaching schedule is run and every opportunity is provided to the pupil-teachers to learn the technique of developing a lesson plan to be an effective teacher.
The college has on its panel a number of Govt. School, affiliated to Haryana Board, Public School and Schools being run by the institution.

These schools have been shortlisted on the basis of their approach to education, the streams being offered by them and their location. The pupil-teachers, their M.Ed. supervisor students and the Asst. Professor Incharges spend more than a fortnight in these schools & provides the students with real condition in the schools exposing them to a vertitude of problems they might face during the initiation of their career and teach them to deal with them.
A few of the reputed school shortlisted for such practice are :
1. P.K.R. Jain Public Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
2. P.K.R. Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
3. P.K.R. Jain Vatika, Ambala City.
4. G.R.S.D. Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
5. S.A. Jain Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
6. A.S. Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
7. N.M.M.D. High School, Ambala City.
8. S.L.D.A.V. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
9. Dayanand Sr. Sec. School, Ambala City.
10. Ambala Public School, Ambala City.
11. Springfield Public School, Ambala City.
12. Surya Pubic School, Ambala City.
13. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Preet Nagar, Ambala City.
14.Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Baldev Nagar, Ambala City.
15. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Panjokhara, Ambala City.